Friday, 15 January 2016

My visit to Rameshwaram, India


Hello everyone…  I usually travel a lot… especially to unique place people don’t visit often.. that makes me feel one of a kind! I have always been in love with the villages of tamilnadu… specially places around theni and Madurai are bookmarked
and that is when I was pulled into a spiritual family trip to Rameshwaram!! I am not always happy in visiting temples eventhough I am personal shivabakth! I believe in heart temple and one god theory. Okay,.. I just stepped out of the topic…. This whole writeup is about my visit to rameshwaram :)


I live in karaikal, rameshwaram is 5 hrs away from my place said my cousin (You big fat lier), okay so the travel began at 5 in the morning .. the travel was quite boring at the beginning… but that was when we entered the ecr.. whhoooohhhooo! I was super exicited… the coastal villages and the beach lit up my mind!
   It was like I belonged in there… I felt something unusual! Some kinda delightment which I ve never experienced in any travel before… that was when my granny  said … our forefathers lived here, they lived somewhere near (mimisal, Aranthangi )this is our official native till we moved to nagapattinam, as my great grandpa had overseas business and nagaptinam was the port nearby! I was like.. okay, then my like for this place is in my genes!!! 

Our villages!
   There was no good standard place to eat or relax… tanx to my grandma who had prepared our breakfast already and has bought it in an hot pack! Everyone needed a break so we stopped near a village teashop near thondi! And I started my exploring business spoke to the teastall women and just walked around the place, the place was so hot! And villagers were so sweet and welcoming… and I loved their tamil slang  felt I was in the village from komban film! Then someone around told me about sethupathy raja and their palace Is till in ramanad and all.. their main occupation was herding goats and selling their meat. I felt that life in village was more easy and beautiful with all your relatives  residing near us  it was heavenly!

Temples on the way...

on the way we visited temples like thirupullanai and uthrakoshamangai, travel continued… another temple this one was interesting a navagraha temple in the sea.. said to have been worshipped by the pandavas, at a place called devipattinam. There was a path to walk on the sea water! And the navagraha idol was damaged by the salt water. People can get into the water or worship from the concrete Path itself. Okay the best part the travel was on the way.  


few kms before the pamban bridge you can notice the seas and beach on both side of the roads which I swear was feast to my eyes… then there it was THE MAGESTIC PAMBAN BRIDGE, we pulled up the car and enjoyed the view from the pamban, trust me it was fantastic. I was even blessed to see a train passing through the bridge at the middle of the sea.. clicked lot of pics and selfies! And now back on our way to the temple, we rested at the pearl residency before going to the temple! And went to the Ramanadaswamy temple… and  got immersed in 22 theerthams, and the last one was only a tumbler quantity!! Then changed up went to the tharshan and back to the hotel we were staying!Plus bonus headache for me as my sinus always mess with me. Then next day was pleasing with no headaches went to Danushkodi, which I have been waiting to visit..


        There are lot of adventures sports like beach motorcycle ride near danushkodi, private vehicles are not allowed in Danushkodi only the vans which were in literally pity condition take people there! 100 rupees per person as I go insane with the crowd my dad had to pay extra 2000 bucks to take a private travel..
   The driver was so friendly spoke much about the history of rameshwaram, he even told us the story of a postmaster who survived with his family in 1964  cyclone! The whole place was deserted and ruins here and there. There was a shivalingam at the middle of white sand, which was a wonderful site I asked him stop and went there and prayed for some mins, and cleaned up the sand on the idol. It was then I noticed ladies were carrying water from borewells, the driver then explained they suffer from severe water problem, which then made me realise how much water I have wasted till date, and felt as if god wanted me to realise it. 

Then went to the koditheertham, the driver said Lanka is only kms away from here. Then we also visited the ruins of the railwaystation, a church and a shiva temple with one floating stone in it!

 And then we got back into the van… and our journey back home started there, you know journeys don’t end ;)
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