Sunday, 12 February 2017


As I was walking on a lonely road, I was occupied by a million thoughts! Thinking where would I be in 10 years, I may have established my own identity, I may have started my married life, I may have travelled alot places or even countries, "I may be a mother!"

well, I got stuck at that particular thought! It started running into my mind in an infinite loop! I tried convincing me to let it go, but it wouldn't! 

There are years to work on it, I thought.
But my mind wouldn't listen! So I kept thinking on a fast phase... To be exact, I started day- dreaming! I have always had good dreams and mostly I have made them come true... But this one, It involves a person whom I have never met before, who is yet to be born, who I am yet to bring into this world! A person whom I would bring into this world in future and soon become a world to me!

How am I gonna treat that lil fella? "Definitely, Not in usual pattern", I thought to myself. 

I would definitely be a mom, whom that lit fella may consider an inspiration, I should give him/her all the happiness in the world, like my mom did to me. I smiled, without my knowledge!    

But being in this confused soceity, struck in between the culture and westernization, What would I teach him/her? 

I had a distrubed childhood, a lonely one to be more exact! My mom and dad where both working, I was left with my grandparents for along time, later I had this seperation from my parents both physically and mentally, though I moved in with them later I felt a gap between them and me!

I later understood what all the sacrifices they have made for me and started loving them more than before, but still that gap wouldn't go!

This should not happen to my child, I thought to myself! I would defenitely maintain the balance between my career and my lil one! 

Money is ofcourse an important factor to bring up the lil one in the current world! but what would it give them?

knowledge or luxury?
Arrogance or patience?
Pride or politeness?
Honesty or lies?
Good friends or parasites?
Love or hospitality?

They could give them either, but they are going to choose the path!
If the child is bought in high morals it would definitely choose its good path, if the child lacks values... It is soon going to become a threat to the family and the soceity!

I had my grandparents who acted as my parents in my early ages, even though they spoilt me with love, they still taught me good values!

I would definitely teach my child good values, If I am bringing a new one to this world, he/she must be a change in this world! They should be a hybrid by mind! They should be the generation whom alot of leaders dreamt of! 

If the are going to spoilt and remain in the dark like most of the people in this world, I would be happy not giving birth to them!

My children will take the less travelled path, and I would be the light to their journey! 
They will learn to be a leader and also to be follower!
They will be taught all the good values and also all the wickedness, good values to express and wickedness to keep them safe from the bad people!

Be it a boy or girl, I am going to bring them up equally! 
The boy will posses feminine-love.
The girl will contain the masculine-braveness.

My children will not learn the regular stereotypes of this soceity! They will not learn or know about the caste, race and religion differences, they will look into a person as a fellow human.

They will be taught to live a life independently! They will create their own lifestyle! They will be only taught to look into a person's soul to know them! 

The day I become a mom, I will shape the future of my soceity! It begins right from my home!
concluded as I opened the front gate of my house, and started walking in with an answer!

Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Why jallikattu should not be banned!

Many people out there are simply opposing jallikattu without knowing what is behind the scene! Myself being a Thamizh blood... I support jallikattu and am against banning it!! To the people who hold on the banners claiming to ban jallikattu due to animal tortures... Please... You have no idea how these animal grew up! I myself have seen people in my village growing up these bulls with all the nutrition and love they can provide, even If they starve to sleep at night! There are lot of misconceptions which led to the "so called animal activist protesting against it".

Why Jallikattu should not be banned?
 First off, It is very old tradition in Tamilnadu! which we Love and resepect. For those who shout "It is something which happend centuries back, being in the 21st century why are people being so uncivilzed and superstitious!!! ", Yes It something dated so back in the rusty past! So is our language! why don't you just throw behind your mother tongues and just go create a new language that fits in the 21st century! We can't! because it is in our blood... So is our culture and Jallikattu!
Let's just take a look into the myths and reality behind this.

#1 Jallikattu is cruelty
Only fools who have no idea what is happening in Tamilnadu and jallikattu can say such a thing!
here animals are not tortured or killed!! Jallikattu is not like the bull fighting which takes place in the western countries where the player can use objects or weapons!! The bull will be in the hands or the whole  ground for just 20-30 seconds thats it! The one who helds it for longer will get a reward! There is no cruel intention here No weapon... No blood!! and No one is forced to be the player!! To be more precise "this is not bull fighting, but bull catching".

Histrory of Jallikattu:

Jallikattu has a history dating back to thousands of years! How did jallikattu start?! There are many reasons and needs behind it! One of the most significant one is...

Before tractors and other farming machineries could walk in... It was our majestic bulls who walked around the fields with a plough! Before the seeding season could start the bulls were allowed to mate with th cows, Only then they could be controlled and tammed to plough the land! after the ploughing season, the cattles will be let loose to graze along the fields, In the mean time the cattles will give birth to their littleones. After the harvest season ( mostly in the month of january), the cattles will be needed back to graze the left over and manure the field by their excreta! That is when the cattles are called back, and their arrival is celebrated as the maatu pongal! the cows have no problem in homecoming! but for the gentlemen(bulls) who have been let loose for weeks and have rejoiced full freedom, misbehave during the homecoming event! That is when the brave youths of the village take the task to bring back this bad guys!! When the farmers leave the animals loose, they remove all the noserope! so the youth grab the bulls by the hump, control them and bring those brats back home! Since this a higly risky business to do, the youths get reward(jalli) for their bravery! These jallis are tied up to the horn of the bulls! the one who is brave enough takes the jalli! When tractors started to take control over the fields! the bulls and the art of bull catching came into extinction. Hence, It is considered as the culture or tradition, to stop the bull and the art of bull catching from going extinct!

It is not a entertainment!! We are not saddist to just hurt an animal which was brought up as the member of the family! We tamizh people are known for the love and care we show towards the cattles!! We worhsip the cattles and we have never ate beef in our entire life, as we conider the cow as a mother who feeds milk! They mean a lot to us, than you people can even imagine!

Is Jallikattu cruelty? or toture to the animal?

No, nobody is so cruel to hurt the pet which they have brought up with such difficulty! poking and alchol to the bulls are strictly forbidden by the jallikattu committe itself!! Accidents do happen, but the safety measures are always taken! PETA's logic is totally stupid! Pet harrasers are there everywhere in the world! There are animals which starve to death and out of care, how many bulls or cows of tamilnadu have you seen starve to death?? Have you ever been to the farms in the village? Have you ever seen our ladies feed their cattle?!! We don't want any international organisation to involve in our country's business for their own profit! Don't dare mess with indians.. In particular with Tamizhans!!

The language we speak and tradition we follow are rusty old! They are all for a reason!! with little more safety and precaution on both sides, Jallikattu is a plus on both sides!

Sunday, 20 November 2016

Vedas - demysified

The vedic civilization according to the vedas and other vedic scripts must have been highly civilised and scientific than most of us today!

what does the word veda really mean, veda is a sanskrit word which means knowledge!

We consider ourselves as the advanced civilisation since the the evolution of the mankind, but the people belonging to the era of the vedas were more advanced than we could even imagine.

There was a detailed study and research in vedas which was held in Mumbai or bombay on 1975.
there they found alot of shocking secrets in vedas,

they found the vivid description of subatomic level in the vedas which was written 5000 years ago!! which we now in the modern world knows only 100's of year back!!

It is stated in the Bhagavata Purana:
                                                             maitreya uvāca
                                                    caramah sad- visesanam 
                                                       aneko 'samyutah sada'
                                                paramanuuh sa vijneyo nrnam 
                                                         aikya- bhramo yatah

which means, 

         " The material manifestation's ultimate particle, which is indivisible and not formed into a body,       is called the atom - Param anuh. It exists always as an invisible identity, even after the dissolution of all forms. The material body is but a combination os such atoms, but it is misunderstood by the common man." (Bhagavata Purana 3.11.1)

In Bhagavata purana itself the time scales of different era are explained, starting with the atomic. The theory of relativity and quantum physics can be substantially supplemented by information from the sanskrit texts. They were well aware of such concepts as superconductivity, nuclear and plasma weapons.

We have all read mahabaratha and how many of us know the usage of nuclear weapons in it! If you would have known then, krukshetra war is the power armed war you could ever imagine! The usage of the nuclear weapons in mahabaratha are described as the follows:

"It was as if all the nature's force have been suddenly unleashed. something dazzling like the sun revolved in circles. Burned with the heat of this weapon, the world was straggering as in fever"

The picture above is the modern age nuclear bomb blast! can you relate it with the above words?

And in section 1 of the Mausula parva the following is mentioned:

            "It was an unknown weapon, an iron thunderbolt, a gigantic messenger of death,, which reduced to ashes the entire race of the Vrishis and the Andhakas"

There are also account in which the weapons used the nature's energy! was it an renewable source kind? Or some kind of hybrid theories!!

 "... He (vasudeva) contracted brahmastra with another brahmastra, and the air weapon- with the mountain weapon".

There are also account of various complex machinaries that can have unlimited possibilites...
For instance, the Bhoja, It is a lightwood aircraft, which looked like a bird with two wings. The driving force was generated from the fire chamber with mercury, installed on it! The flapping of the wings do cause the machine to fly too...

They have also said about the devices of the second category which resembles the mordern ufo's. The main work which includes the classification of ships of all kinds, is called vimanika-shastra. They reveal all sorts of technologies which we use today in our day to day life, such as telephone and televions.

We have always imagined our ancestors as an ape-man with leaves attire, totally uncivilised, dont even think about it! the vedas have a surprise for you :

" I have heard that visvavasu, the great Gandharva, his mind stupefied with infatuation, fell from svad vimanat after seeing your daughter playing with a ball on the roof of the palace 'harmya-prishthe', for she was indeed beautiful with her tinkling ankle bells and eyes moving to and fro". (Bhagavata purana 3.22.17)

now stop colaborating the girl and the ape, The talk is about the skyscrapers!! The word "harmya-prishthe", the literal transalation of the word "harmya" means a very high palace!
and the word swad vimanat means his airplane! (this guy's got a private airplane some thousands of year ago).

There were even flying cities, let's take a look at Hastinapura- a moving city, it was a powerful armed city and protected against the external enemies!!

There are so many machines, logics and theories in the vedas... This is more than enough for the contribution of the science, mathematics and engineering in the mordern era! When Heisenberg and bohr were busy reading the vedic texts and studying quantum physics, We indians were fighting on the caste, relegion, varna etc. We always dont take in the positive stuff, do we?? There lot more to get enlightened with (:

Saturday, 19 November 2016


There are a lot of talks, discussions, even serious ones the debate over this person or personfied figure "Shiva". In the the above line I have mentioned three words the talk, the discussion, the debate, eventhough they sound similar they are not! so is your perseverance on this figure 'shiva'.

Who is this guy?  Is he a sage?  myth?  god? or hero from the past? Who is he really???
 Well... the answer to this question should not be just known.. It should be understood or literally absorbed.

What does 'shiva' mean?
        The answer for thsis question is literally complicated! Shiva means 'nothing' or 'that which is not'. That doesnt mean shiva is a null figure! The entire cosmos is a vast null or a vast nothingness. The galaxies and our solor system, the stars and all the extras present in the wide spread cosmos are like a rain drop in the ocean... excluding all the celestials, The vast empty space is shiva!
Are you following? This is not as complicated as it sounds...

There is a quote from Sadhguru which inspired me alot:
"Breaking the laws of the physical nature is a spiritual process.
In this sense we are all outlaws and shiva is the ultimate outlaw".

one cannot worship shiva, but simply join his gang!! 

Today in the modern science, we accept the fact that everything comes from nothing and goes back to the nothing!  All the humans, trees, the living, the non  living, the planets, the stars, the sun and the moon everything was created from dust or to be precise nothing and will go back to the nothing! Just check out the phenomenon of the big bang!

On the other hand we mention shiva as an Adhiyogi or the first yogi, who is said to be the founder of the yoga! What is yoga? Yoga is not the stunts or excercise we perform to keep ourselves in size zero or to stay healthy! Yoga is just a way of living!! The way of living every human should know. We are blessed with the 6th sense to attain this knowledge but sadly people have lost it to all the unnescessary things in life!

The word 'shiva' is itself a divine nothingness... which cannot be explained! It is just like counting the sand in the seashore. It is infinity! 

Why is shiva blue??

                 No one knows the color of shiva, We all know the appearance of the shiva through the calender art, through the movies, through the picture in the pooja room! maybe the art guy had this mindset in which he concluded shiva to be in blue color. Maybe he colored him to be as blue as the sky!!

Shiva is the basic body of the knowledge, he is everything in this universe and beyond! he is everywhere. He is omni-present! 

Shiva's adornments and their meanings:
            why shiva is said to have the following? What does it symbolize??

The third eye: 

The third eye symbolize the new dimension of seeing or the view in different dimension. Through the two eyes we see only what is present and through the third eye, you see even beyond that!

The snake:

The snake is the indication that his energy is at peak! The snake is a symbolism of Kundalini, the unmanifest energy within you.

The trishul:

Trishul symbolizes the three fundamental aspects in life, which is the man, women and the divine also known as the pingala, ida and sushumna, they are the three main nadis in the body, the left, the right and the central- in the energy body of the human system.

The nandi:

Nandhi symbolizes the eternal waiting, One who knows simply how to sit and wait is naturally meditative. Nandhi is sitting, it is active, alert, live but still sitting, This is known as the meditation.

Shiva is beyond imagination... 
He is everything but empty!
He is the light but the darkness!
The knowledge as well as the  ignorance!
He is the birth and also the death!

This are the few things which I tried to understand from my research of who is shiva? but I later found out... It is not possible to see or learn who is shiva from two eyes... One should see through the third eyes to seeks its answer. I am sorry if this article hurts your spiritual or religious view. This article is totally under my view! And for those who need to know much on this... I recommend you to read the book Shiva ultimate- Outlaw by Sadhguru.

Vedas and Reincarnation

What is Reincarnation?

   Reincarnation is a concept in which a living being starts a new life in a different physical body or form after each biological death! It is also known as the "Rebirth". Many claim that it is purely religious and mythical! No one cares to research such phenomenon.. There are also people who claim that they have memories of their past life! Is reincarnation true? How is it even possible??

Vedas and Reincarnation

                 Coming into the topic, There are quotes in vedas which highlight the phenomenon of reincarnation!

Lord krishna says in "The Bagavat gita",

               "vasamsi jirnani yatha vihaya navani grhnati naro paranitatha sarirani vihaya jirnany anyani samyati navani dehi"

Which means, 
                   " As a man, casting off worn-out garments, puts on new ones, so the dweller in the boday, casting off woen-out bodies, enters into others that are new, The misdeeds of our past lives torment us in the form of illness or ailments".

Although there are no such patterns in which the past karma processes or in which we can understand what the soul has gone through in the last birth and what it will bring on in the new birth! This death and birth cycle is beyond imagination. To be technical, we are all charged energies (soul) living in a outercover (body) till the material world (life span) comes to an end! then we all move on to the next dimension. We or not a yogic or an holy person who posses extra ordinary sensory abilities to experience future vision or the past visions! If possible on some point of our life, we can understand the cause of this birth! Just open your heart to hear the sign from above.

I have tried to explain them in a basic level for everyone to understand, As the vedic texts ones are advanced and highly complicated!

When soul takes a rebirth.. It forgets everything! Only things it remembers are the properties or characteristics still remain connected to the soul, for example., shadow or faded memories of the past, talents, sufferings and incidents that affected your body, And more importantly the soul always remembers the last moment in which it left the body.

Patanjali- Maharishi's Research 

     The ancient sage Patanjali Maharishi has done a lot of research work on the regression of the past life! He had unique yoga-sutras for the past life regression, He called them as the 'Prati-Prasav'.

 It is the process of involution.'prasav' means birth, 'prati-prasav' means to be born with the memories.

These brings all the memories from the time of birth, one could even get back the trauma experienced at the time of birth and get back into the past life and live it again!

why would one simply wants to know the past life? what is the use of knowing the past life? This is a question which rises to many!
we don't do anything without benefits, after all.. we are humans!!

Benefits of the past life regression:

1) We can have a contact with the creativity.

2) we can also relieve from some irritational fear which we could never get rid off.

3) We can get guidance of life from our past self!

4) We can experience a successfully life or learn a lesson of life.

5) One can understand the purpose of life and the reason for the birth.

6) One can know the curse or karma for the rebirth and try to solve it and reach eternity!

7)  One will get rid of the fear of death and understand other dimensions of life.

Reincarnation is still under debate, not everything can be explained by science. somethings which cannot be explained or understood is not stupidity! It needs higher level of peseverence... There a lot of such incidents in the world of people remembering their past life and trust me those are beyond imagination...

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Existence of soul and Vedic Quantum Mechanics


We often ignore vedic texts terming them as religious and brand them as superstitious. But we often ignore the fact that our ancestors were the pioneers in science and maths!

 One of the most debated topics of all times “The existence of soul” is also quoted in the vedas. We only believe the stuffs if hosted on the science channel. 

Coming into the talk, Quantum chromodynamics is the theory describing sub-nuclear particles called quarks and gluons, which are the consituents of hardons such as protons and neutrons. It is part of the standard Model describin our current understanding of elementary particles.

Pulling two quarks apart requires so much energy, that you create new particles in the process which attach themselves to the old quarks and thus you never end up with free quarks to detect. The important point here is that the experiments that confirmed the existence of these quarks never actually detected them directly and no one really demanded such a proof. They saw certain particles coming in and certain particles coming out according to what the theory predicted, but never actually saw the free quarks by themselves. 

People could only hypothesis the theory but couldn’t derive a formal conclusion to it. 

Moving into the existence of soul, Vedic philosophy claims that there is another kind of particle called the atma or the soul. They posses totally differnt properties compared to the other particles or elements. 

The atma has 3 main qualities: 
1) Eternality.
2) Knowledge and 
3) Bliss. 

Eternality can be analyzed as follows: the atma does not come into or out of existence, it is always present. 

The atma has the following properties:
A) It does not decay or degarde.
B) It maintains its individuality always.
C) It's infinitesimally small and it's not composed of more elementary particles. 
D) It's unchangeable. 
which alone with the individuality property implies that it does not unite with other particles to create complex structures, nor it merge with others. 

The atma does not interact directly with matter, but given that the atma is the source of consciousness and the life force in a living entity or any entity! Any thing that exhibits the following properties is termed as atma. 

Living things are not atmas, they provide only external shelter to atma! As soon as the atma leaves one body for another, the old body no longer exhibits consciousness or life symptoms, and begins to degrade. 

The knowledge property refers to its cognizance about its constitutional position, its source and its interactions with the source. 

Bliss refers to its natural state of happiness in service to God. 

Everything in the universe cannot be experimented and proved! The formation of the entire solar system is still a hypothesis and comes under the category "maybe", Many theroies are just isolated because they are just masked as religious! When the religious mask is removed...

 The truth shall triumph!

Tuesday, 1 November 2016


Being alone on the roads is an oppurtunity only a few can get, That too in the busy schedule now a days travel itself has become a dream come true for many!

Why Should we travel often?

There are the wonderful benifits of traveling... Traveling is an amazing underrated investment in yourself. As you travel you are exposed to more new people,cultures and lifestyles than you are living in your homeland all the time!!!

1) You will find a new purpose in your life!
This is interesting than it sounds... 

2) You will start loving your home.

            haha... you read that right! Traveling is not meant to be awesome all the time, you may face the bad phase too.. where you get to realise that you were living in a heaven (home).

3) You will realise how less you know about the world.
           This is the best part of the travel! You will defenitely realise this if you are not a constant travel
ler. You will witness the whole new world! Sometimes.. You can't believe your eyes.

4) You will meet new people and make new friends

       This is the most intresting phase of the travels! You meet new people and experience that making friends is not that tough as you thought it was! You realise that all people share the same needs.

5) Lesson of life!
         Many times traveling is not just adventure and relaxation! It sometimes teaches you the lesson of life! You may even get you "Realisation" part of your life or you may also meet your better half!

6) FOOD!

        For foodies like me.. Travelling is just another definition of more food!! we may get to enjoy the local foods of the particular place and may even fall in love with the dishes they provide!

7) You'll realise life is wonderful gift

           You will fall in love with yourself.... Free from all the work and educational pressure getting lost in some unknown place is ofcourse a blessing!!

perks of travelling alone

     Traveling gets you all the above... If you travel alone you get all the above the whole square :-)

so what are you waiting for??? Pack your stuffs up and get moving......