Sunday, 12 February 2017


As I was walking on a lonely road, I was occupied by a million thoughts! Thinking where would I be in 10 years, I may have established my own identity, I may have started my married life, I may have travelled alot places or even countries, "I may be a mother!"

well, I got stuck at that particular thought! It started running into my mind in an infinite loop! I tried convincing me to let it go, but it wouldn't! 

There are years to work on it, I thought.
But my mind wouldn't listen! So I kept thinking on a fast phase... To be exact, I started day- dreaming! I have always had good dreams and mostly I have made them come true... But this one, It involves a person whom I have never met before, who is yet to be born, who I am yet to bring into this world! A person whom I would bring into this world in future and soon become a world to me!

How am I gonna treat that lil fella? "Definitely, Not in usual pattern", I thought to myself. 

I would definitely be a mom, whom that lit fella may consider an inspiration, I should give him/her all the happiness in the world, like my mom did to me. I smiled, without my knowledge!    

But being in this confused soceity, struck in between the culture and westernization, What would I teach him/her? 

I had a distrubed childhood, a lonely one to be more exact! My mom and dad where both working, I was left with my grandparents for along time, later I had this seperation from my parents both physically and mentally, though I moved in with them later I felt a gap between them and me!

I later understood what all the sacrifices they have made for me and started loving them more than before, but still that gap wouldn't go!

This should not happen to my child, I thought to myself! I would defenitely maintain the balance between my career and my lil one! 

Money is ofcourse an important factor to bring up the lil one in the current world! but what would it give them?

knowledge or luxury?
Arrogance or patience?
Pride or politeness?
Honesty or lies?
Good friends or parasites?
Love or hospitality?

They could give them either, but they are going to choose the path!
If the child is bought in high morals it would definitely choose its good path, if the child lacks values... It is soon going to become a threat to the family and the soceity!

I had my grandparents who acted as my parents in my early ages, even though they spoilt me with love, they still taught me good values!

I would definitely teach my child good values, If I am bringing a new one to this world, he/she must be a change in this world! They should be a hybrid by mind! They should be the generation whom alot of leaders dreamt of! 

If the are going to spoilt and remain in the dark like most of the people in this world, I would be happy not giving birth to them!

My children will take the less travelled path, and I would be the light to their journey! 
They will learn to be a leader and also to be follower!
They will be taught all the good values and also all the wickedness, good values to express and wickedness to keep them safe from the bad people!

Be it a boy or girl, I am going to bring them up equally! 
The boy will posses feminine-love.
The girl will contain the masculine-braveness.

My children will not learn the regular stereotypes of this soceity! They will not learn or know about the caste, race and religion differences, they will look into a person as a fellow human.

They will be taught to live a life independently! They will create their own lifestyle! They will be only taught to look into a person's soul to know them! 

The day I become a mom, I will shape the future of my soceity! It begins right from my home!
concluded as I opened the front gate of my house, and started walking in with an answer!