Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Why jallikattu should not be banned!

Many people out there are simply opposing jallikattu without knowing what is behind the scene! Myself being a Thamizh blood... I support jallikattu and am against banning it!! To the people who hold on the banners claiming to ban jallikattu due to animal tortures... Please... You have no idea how these animal grew up! I myself have seen people in my village growing up these bulls with all the nutrition and love they can provide, even If they starve to sleep at night! There are lot of misconceptions which led to the "so called animal activist protesting against it".

Why Jallikattu should not be banned?
 First off, It is very old tradition in Tamilnadu! which we Love and resepect. For those who shout "It is something which happend centuries back, being in the 21st century why are people being so uncivilzed and superstitious!!! ", Yes It something dated so back in the rusty past! So is our language! why don't you just throw behind your mother tongues and just go create a new language that fits in the 21st century! We can't! because it is in our blood... So is our culture and Jallikattu!
Let's just take a look into the myths and reality behind this.

#1 Jallikattu is cruelty
Only fools who have no idea what is happening in Tamilnadu and jallikattu can say such a thing!
here animals are not tortured or killed!! Jallikattu is not like the bull fighting which takes place in the western countries where the player can use objects or weapons!! The bull will be in the hands or the whole  ground for just 20-30 seconds thats it! The one who helds it for longer will get a reward! There is no cruel intention here No weapon... No blood!! and No one is forced to be the player!! To be more precise "this is not bull fighting, but bull catching".

Histrory of Jallikattu:

Jallikattu has a history dating back to thousands of years! How did jallikattu start?! There are many reasons and needs behind it! One of the most significant one is...

Before tractors and other farming machineries could walk in... It was our majestic bulls who walked around the fields with a plough! Before the seeding season could start the bulls were allowed to mate with th cows, Only then they could be controlled and tammed to plough the land! after the ploughing season, the cattles will be let loose to graze along the fields, In the mean time the cattles will give birth to their littleones. After the harvest season ( mostly in the month of january), the cattles will be needed back to graze the left over and manure the field by their excreta! That is when the cattles are called back, and their arrival is celebrated as the maatu pongal! the cows have no problem in homecoming! but for the gentlemen(bulls) who have been let loose for weeks and have rejoiced full freedom, misbehave during the homecoming event! That is when the brave youths of the village take the task to bring back this bad guys!! When the farmers leave the animals loose, they remove all the noserope! so the youth grab the bulls by the hump, control them and bring those brats back home! Since this a higly risky business to do, the youths get reward(jalli) for their bravery! These jallis are tied up to the horn of the bulls! the one who is brave enough takes the jalli! When tractors started to take control over the fields! the bulls and the art of bull catching came into extinction. Hence, It is considered as the culture or tradition, to stop the bull and the art of bull catching from going extinct!

It is not a entertainment!! We are not saddist to just hurt an animal which was brought up as the member of the family! We tamizh people are known for the love and care we show towards the cattles!! We worhsip the cattles and we have never ate beef in our entire life, as we conider the cow as a mother who feeds milk! They mean a lot to us, than you people can even imagine!

Is Jallikattu cruelty? or toture to the animal?

No, nobody is so cruel to hurt the pet which they have brought up with such difficulty! poking and alchol to the bulls are strictly forbidden by the jallikattu committe itself!! Accidents do happen, but the safety measures are always taken! PETA's logic is totally stupid! Pet harrasers are there everywhere in the world! There are animals which starve to death and out of care, how many bulls or cows of tamilnadu have you seen starve to death?? Have you ever been to the farms in the village? Have you ever seen our ladies feed their cattle?!! We don't want any international organisation to involve in our country's business for their own profit! Don't dare mess with indians.. In particular with Tamizhans!!

The language we speak and tradition we follow are rusty old! They are all for a reason!! with little more safety and precaution on both sides, Jallikattu is a plus on both sides!