Saturday, 19 November 2016

Vedas and Reincarnation

What is Reincarnation?

   Reincarnation is a concept in which a living being starts a new life in a different physical body or form after each biological death! It is also known as the "Rebirth". Many claim that it is purely religious and mythical! No one cares to research such phenomenon.. There are also people who claim that they have memories of their past life! Is reincarnation true? How is it even possible??

Vedas and Reincarnation

                 Coming into the topic, There are quotes in vedas which highlight the phenomenon of reincarnation!

Lord krishna says in "The Bagavat gita",

               "vasamsi jirnani yatha vihaya navani grhnati naro paranitatha sarirani vihaya jirnany anyani samyati navani dehi"

Which means, 
                   " As a man, casting off worn-out garments, puts on new ones, so the dweller in the boday, casting off woen-out bodies, enters into others that are new, The misdeeds of our past lives torment us in the form of illness or ailments".

Although there are no such patterns in which the past karma processes or in which we can understand what the soul has gone through in the last birth and what it will bring on in the new birth! This death and birth cycle is beyond imagination. To be technical, we are all charged energies (soul) living in a outercover (body) till the material world (life span) comes to an end! then we all move on to the next dimension. We or not a yogic or an holy person who posses extra ordinary sensory abilities to experience future vision or the past visions! If possible on some point of our life, we can understand the cause of this birth! Just open your heart to hear the sign from above.

I have tried to explain them in a basic level for everyone to understand, As the vedic texts ones are advanced and highly complicated!

When soul takes a rebirth.. It forgets everything! Only things it remembers are the properties or characteristics still remain connected to the soul, for example., shadow or faded memories of the past, talents, sufferings and incidents that affected your body, And more importantly the soul always remembers the last moment in which it left the body.

Patanjali- Maharishi's Research 

     The ancient sage Patanjali Maharishi has done a lot of research work on the regression of the past life! He had unique yoga-sutras for the past life regression, He called them as the 'Prati-Prasav'.

 It is the process of involution.'prasav' means birth, 'prati-prasav' means to be born with the memories.

These brings all the memories from the time of birth, one could even get back the trauma experienced at the time of birth and get back into the past life and live it again!

why would one simply wants to know the past life? what is the use of knowing the past life? This is a question which rises to many!
we don't do anything without benefits, after all.. we are humans!!

Benefits of the past life regression:

1) We can have a contact with the creativity.

2) we can also relieve from some irritational fear which we could never get rid off.

3) We can get guidance of life from our past self!

4) We can experience a successfully life or learn a lesson of life.

5) One can understand the purpose of life and the reason for the birth.

6) One can know the curse or karma for the rebirth and try to solve it and reach eternity!

7)  One will get rid of the fear of death and understand other dimensions of life.

Reincarnation is still under debate, not everything can be explained by science. somethings which cannot be explained or understood is not stupidity! It needs higher level of peseverence... There a lot of such incidents in the world of people remembering their past life and trust me those are beyond imagination...