Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Existence of soul and Vedic Quantum Mechanics


We often ignore vedic texts terming them as religious and brand them as superstitious. But we often ignore the fact that our ancestors were the pioneers in science and maths!

 One of the most debated topics of all times “The existence of soul” is also quoted in the vedas. We only believe the stuffs if hosted on the science channel. 

Coming into the talk, Quantum chromodynamics is the theory describing sub-nuclear particles called quarks and gluons, which are the consituents of hardons such as protons and neutrons. It is part of the standard Model describin our current understanding of elementary particles.

Pulling two quarks apart requires so much energy, that you create new particles in the process which attach themselves to the old quarks and thus you never end up with free quarks to detect. The important point here is that the experiments that confirmed the existence of these quarks never actually detected them directly and no one really demanded such a proof. They saw certain particles coming in and certain particles coming out according to what the theory predicted, but never actually saw the free quarks by themselves. 

People could only hypothesis the theory but couldn’t derive a formal conclusion to it. 

Moving into the existence of soul, Vedic philosophy claims that there is another kind of particle called the atma or the soul. They posses totally differnt properties compared to the other particles or elements. 

The atma has 3 main qualities: 
1) Eternality.
2) Knowledge and 
3) Bliss. 

Eternality can be analyzed as follows: the atma does not come into or out of existence, it is always present. 

The atma has the following properties:
A) It does not decay or degarde.
B) It maintains its individuality always.
C) It's infinitesimally small and it's not composed of more elementary particles. 
D) It's unchangeable. 
which alone with the individuality property implies that it does not unite with other particles to create complex structures, nor it merge with others. 

The atma does not interact directly with matter, but given that the atma is the source of consciousness and the life force in a living entity or any entity! Any thing that exhibits the following properties is termed as atma. 

Living things are not atmas, they provide only external shelter to atma! As soon as the atma leaves one body for another, the old body no longer exhibits consciousness or life symptoms, and begins to degrade. 

The knowledge property refers to its cognizance about its constitutional position, its source and its interactions with the source. 

Bliss refers to its natural state of happiness in service to God. 

Everything in the universe cannot be experimented and proved! The formation of the entire solar system is still a hypothesis and comes under the category "maybe", Many theroies are just isolated because they are just masked as religious! When the religious mask is removed...

 The truth shall triumph!