Tuesday, 1 November 2016


Being alone on the roads is an oppurtunity only a few can get, That too in the busy schedule now a days travel itself has become a dream come true for many!

Why Should we travel often?

There are the wonderful benifits of traveling... Traveling is an amazing underrated investment in yourself. As you travel you are exposed to more new people,cultures and lifestyles than you are living in your homeland all the time!!!

1) You will find a new purpose in your life!
This is interesting than it sounds... 

2) You will start loving your home.

            haha... you read that right! Traveling is not meant to be awesome all the time, you may face the bad phase too.. where you get to realise that you were living in a heaven (home).

3) You will realise how less you know about the world.
           This is the best part of the travel! You will defenitely realise this if you are not a constant travel
ler. You will witness the whole new world! Sometimes.. You can't believe your eyes.

4) You will meet new people and make new friends

       This is the most intresting phase of the travels! You meet new people and experience that making friends is not that tough as you thought it was! You realise that all people share the same needs.

5) Lesson of life!
         Many times traveling is not just adventure and relaxation! It sometimes teaches you the lesson of life! You may even get you "Realisation" part of your life or you may also meet your better half!

6) FOOD!

        For foodies like me.. Travelling is just another definition of more food!! we may get to enjoy the local foods of the particular place and may even fall in love with the dishes they provide!

7) You'll realise life is wonderful gift

           You will fall in love with yourself.... Free from all the work and educational pressure getting lost in some unknown place is ofcourse a blessing!!

perks of travelling alone

     Traveling gets you all the above... If you travel alone you get all the above the whole square :-)

so what are you waiting for??? Pack your stuffs up and get moving......