Monday, 31 October 2016

Swami Vivekananda's view on women's freedom!

This post is insipred from prof. Jayanthasri Balakrishnan's speech at Sri Ramakrishna Math, chennai.

Vivekananda's idea of women's freedom doesn't involve only the rich and well educated category of women it also involves the poor and the needy women too!

The development of the country also involves these category women too.. The development of India in 2020 should also involve the development of these women too!

It also involves the daughter and wife of the drunkard family men!

We now and then lie to ourself that we have made Mahakavi Bharathiyar's dream come true.. We are the Puthumai pen or "the women of the new generation"! But deep inside we do know... We have not not reached the mark yet!


        I don't know how many people are going to agree with this quote! But it is the mantra for development of the women!


I really appreciate and welcome this point! Every women should get her education! It is her birth right! This phrase "who are you" includes her parents too! when men has tons of career options! why can't a women? Why is she always downtrodden? She has all the capacity and capability to choose her future!!

these words were said and preached by swami Vivekanda himself!!

If womenhood must take "Vishvaroop" in our country, it is mandatory for a person to know the true colors of "vishvaroop" and "womenhood".

Let's come into this point! "Give women education and she will choose her destiny".
          Here the word destination should be well understood by the women and her family also! What is the education here? the degree certificate or the job she enters into using this degree certificate?
Yes!! This is the education is our country!! But sadly, "It is not the education". Unfortunately in our country we have mixed up entitlement with empowerment!

She is allowed to do or destined to do only what her family approves her to do! Women in India are just like a matchstick inside a matchbox!! It is not the fact that she is able to catch fire and cause light.. she should be allowed to face the hard surfaces i.e., her difficult times and decisions and should burn like a "Jothi" to light up the world of illiteracy!!

It becomes empowerment only when the women's education can benifit someone elses knowledge and cures their ignorance! only a job and education does not make a women empowered!

We often ignore the fact that... the education, legal support, job, promotion we get are entitled to get all these because some empowered man gave you this as charity!!

 "women have been suffering from ages with infinite patience and infinite perseverance!" quoted by swamji again... lets keep this two points the women and the above quote side by side! We should accept the fact that in India, and the nature itself term the feminine gender as bravery and the masucline gender for beauty! where have we gone wrong?? Are we practicing the whole thing "ulta"? womenhood is related to valour and courage!and manhood is related to beauty! dont believe me.. go check the discovery or the national geography!

Education is destined to give women courage! that is the main need for education!! here, courage is not absence of fear but controlled fear!

women's courage are categorised as the courage in Akaliya, sita, draupati, mandodari, tara!! Many may think this people are assosiated with radical slavery! why call them courageous?

If we keep in mind the difficult phases faced by this women in your daily life, then... where are your problems? Is it really a problem compared to their misery?! They didn't backoff and run from their problems they faced them with courage and brave heart!!

When a women is given a education which can provide her courage then she becomes a perfect women with perfect independence!

Have we ever given respect or accepted advice from a women above the age of 50.. who has a lot of knowledge about anything.. ?? No! but take a look into a animal's world.. such old and experienced women are called matriarch! they are considered to be the head of the tribe or family! women is human race should also be treated as a matriarch who provide knowledge in means of education!

The spiritual father of this country has left  behind a "Ethical will" for everyone in India! Let us not forget all live advice given by our ancestors and run behind 100/100 or 200/200! these marks are not going to give you anything...!! I repeat " Anything". Only the life lessons can uplift you!!

Learn to live women!! Don't learn to score!!
                                                                 JAI HIND!