Saturday, 19 November 2016


There are a lot of talks, discussions, even serious ones the debate over this person or personfied figure "Shiva". In the the above line I have mentioned three words the talk, the discussion, the debate, eventhough they sound similar they are not! so is your perseverance on this figure 'shiva'.

Who is this guy?  Is he a sage?  myth?  god? or hero from the past? Who is he really???
 Well... the answer to this question should not be just known.. It should be understood or literally absorbed.

What does 'shiva' mean?
        The answer for thsis question is literally complicated! Shiva means 'nothing' or 'that which is not'. That doesnt mean shiva is a null figure! The entire cosmos is a vast null or a vast nothingness. The galaxies and our solor system, the stars and all the extras present in the wide spread cosmos are like a rain drop in the ocean... excluding all the celestials, The vast empty space is shiva!
Are you following? This is not as complicated as it sounds...

There is a quote from Sadhguru which inspired me alot:
"Breaking the laws of the physical nature is a spiritual process.
In this sense we are all outlaws and shiva is the ultimate outlaw".

one cannot worship shiva, but simply join his gang!! 

Today in the modern science, we accept the fact that everything comes from nothing and goes back to the nothing!  All the humans, trees, the living, the non  living, the planets, the stars, the sun and the moon everything was created from dust or to be precise nothing and will go back to the nothing! Just check out the phenomenon of the big bang!

On the other hand we mention shiva as an Adhiyogi or the first yogi, who is said to be the founder of the yoga! What is yoga? Yoga is not the stunts or excercise we perform to keep ourselves in size zero or to stay healthy! Yoga is just a way of living!! The way of living every human should know. We are blessed with the 6th sense to attain this knowledge but sadly people have lost it to all the unnescessary things in life!

The word 'shiva' is itself a divine nothingness... which cannot be explained! It is just like counting the sand in the seashore. It is infinity! 

Why is shiva blue??

                 No one knows the color of shiva, We all know the appearance of the shiva through the calender art, through the movies, through the picture in the pooja room! maybe the art guy had this mindset in which he concluded shiva to be in blue color. Maybe he colored him to be as blue as the sky!!

Shiva is the basic body of the knowledge, he is everything in this universe and beyond! he is everywhere. He is omni-present! 

Shiva's adornments and their meanings:
            why shiva is said to have the following? What does it symbolize??

The third eye: 

The third eye symbolize the new dimension of seeing or the view in different dimension. Through the two eyes we see only what is present and through the third eye, you see even beyond that!

The snake:

The snake is the indication that his energy is at peak! The snake is a symbolism of Kundalini, the unmanifest energy within you.

The trishul:

Trishul symbolizes the three fundamental aspects in life, which is the man, women and the divine also known as the pingala, ida and sushumna, they are the three main nadis in the body, the left, the right and the central- in the energy body of the human system.

The nandi:

Nandhi symbolizes the eternal waiting, One who knows simply how to sit and wait is naturally meditative. Nandhi is sitting, it is active, alert, live but still sitting, This is known as the meditation.

Shiva is beyond imagination... 
He is everything but empty!
He is the light but the darkness!
The knowledge as well as the  ignorance!
He is the birth and also the death!

This are the few things which I tried to understand from my research of who is shiva? but I later found out... It is not possible to see or learn who is shiva from two eyes... One should see through the third eyes to seeks its answer. I am sorry if this article hurts your spiritual or religious view. This article is totally under my view! And for those who need to know much on this... I recommend you to read the book Shiva ultimate- Outlaw by Sadhguru.