Saturday, 22 October 2016

Why Entrepreneurship is a good idea!!!

In this post I would like to give you a clear vision on Entrepreneurship and how to make it successful!

Being a successful Enterpreneur is not a piece of cake! And cost you pay to become a successful one is much more than your principle investment!
These are the things you should know:

1. Successful Enterpreneur does not have the best idea:
             Yes, you read that right! To be a succesful enterpreneur you don't have to come up with the best ideas in the world! All you need to do is know how to satisfy the needs of the market! As we always say... "Make hay while the sunshines!"

2. Market research?
      Don't get too technical into it! Here is the only market research you need to do: Get your product out in the market and see if it sells!! Easy right?

3. You still wanna do a Market research anyway...

     Here's the one question you need to ask! show potential customers a prototype, or describe the service you are thinking of offering and then exclaim: "Is this something you would buy?" If they say yes! then ask for the orders there itself! If they decline it... You still have some work and practice!!

4. Understanding the way it is..
     Always prepare your mind for the ups and down... "Rome was not built in one day!"
keep trying... someday You ll reach out for the fruit! There is nothing called personal life and work-life balance! You are putting your time into this, Totally into this. If you are only aiming for the fruit but don't want to plant a tree! then, It's not your cup of tea!!


1. salary:
     I have seen people complaining about how they're hardwork got wasted! but being an entrepreneur means you can reap the whole profit! but also accept the fact there is no security of getting a monthly paycheck!

2. Decisions:

    You have a complete control over you're decisions. You can also blindly go with your instincts, but taking all your decisions yourself can put you into stress as well, know to manage yourself!

3. Flexibility:

    You have the control over your work schedules, you don't have a boss.. Because you are the boss here. You can decide when to take a day off's or choose the work time that suits you!

4. country's economic growth:

   And above all you could be a part of country's economic growth! The enterpreneurs also have a immense responsibilty to rise a country's economic value...


here's how?

1. Through the investments you make.
2. By the employment opportunity you provide.
3. Various services and products you provide.
4. International trade.
5. Contributes to gross national product.

-  My conclusion: stop running behind the Engineering and Medicine degrees and create your own empire!! A different idea is all it takes! let's rise our country's economy!
                                                                   JAI HIND